With the present one, we desire to inform you on the activity that we have developed since 1982, directly or by a local agents, with petrochemical, fittings of refinement and alimentary establishments. The center of our firm, our office and our store are in como, the establishment is situated in the province. From 40 years we manufacture spare parts for steam turbine: hayward Tyler, tyler pump, terry,skinner, coppus and elliott, and for centrifugal pumps hayward tyler. During this years we also have developed the revision and the maintenance of the cars in reference. We offer you our collaboration for the supply spare parts with competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

Warranty and Quality

The quality of our pieces are equal or better than the original pieces. We guarantee the perfect interchangeability of the parts furnished with 1 year of guarantee by defects of construction. To get rapidses quotations they are in demand the followings data:

  • warehouse, model, dimensions, serial number
  • parts description
  • material, if known
  • original part number (very important)

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